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Daniel Formolo, Matheus Berger, Guilherme Gazzo


The target public are ederly people who lives alone or in couple, in general the family is worried about accidents evolving them. In general, the family is not present all the time, and in most cases, both elderly and family can pay for the system, but pay for a person take cares them is extremely expensive.

Another potential users are insurance companies, interesting in avoid claims. They can use the system as an advantage because the risks of incidents are reduced and they could provide more competitive offers for the customers.


The system is composed of cheap IoT devices with embedded software and limited intelligence (HoloPlug). These devices are installed between the electric equipments and the power sockets. HoloPlugs communicate via wifi with a controller (HoloCtrl) and registered smartphones. The HoloCtrl makes decisions based on information collected from HoloPlugs, smartphones and a cloud intelligent system (HoloAwareSystem).
The intelligence is distributed. The HoloCtrl and HoloPlugs obey the commands of smartphones and the HoloAwareSystem. HoloPlugs have a level of autonomy to decide actions, while more refinated decisions are took by HoloCtrl and HoloAwareSystem. Registered smartphones have direct actions on the system. The information exchanged among all components allows the system creates a conscious network about the situation of environment. Along the time, the system generates a digital identity, based on the environment. The system learns with each new data generated by the HoloPlugs, enriching its beliefs base and personalizing its behavior in order to act only when is necessary, e.g. cutting power energy, sending messages for the stakeholders, messages to medical centres, police or fire department.


Nowadays the market is plenty of smart gadgets, since radio, until TV, refrigerator and lights. Each smart gadget has his own system and responds very well to its own task. This approach is limited and doesn`t provide for users all potential benefits of IoT and smart gadgets. Some companies also developed smart plugs to become traditional gadgets smarter than they are, see specifications and video application of:,,,  The market is mature for that smart technology, but the smart gadgets and plugs are still in early level, they are expensive and, even connected, they work individually and reactively. This proposal developed a very cheap smart plug called HoloPlug with more than just receive commands and execute, but with capacity of process information and take some decisions. Besides the hardware innovation, the most important innovation is related to the intelligence of the system. Together the HoloPlugs, HoloCtrl, smartphones and HoloAwareSystem make a conscious network with much more power of knowledge and assertive actions, since the system can track each time event of turns on/off equipments and some suspect events like gas, smoke and heat. More than this, the intelligence is distributed in layers, providing reactive events/actions, like we have in the market nowadays, or providing autonomous decisions since small decisions from HoloPlugs to very refined decisions by HoloAwareSystem. 

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​Prototype - Smart enviroment HoloConscious_: CV
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