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Crowd Simulation to Evacuation Scenarios

Pressing the button below you will watch an example of crowd simulation for a simple scenario.

In the Control Panel the user can setup scenarios changing Number of groups, the proportion of Elderly, Males, Females, People that are familiar with the environment, etc.

During the simulation the agents change their colours, here are the descriptions:
Pink agents: are aware of the incident and start to evacuate.
Red block: represent an incident, grey agents are dead.
Orange agents: They felt and have to stand up after a time to move again. Some times they receive the help of other agents. That condition depends on cultural factors embedded in the agents.
Grey lines: represents links between agents. Agents can form groups of 2,3 or 4 people and move together. Normally they are so close each other that the link (line) is not showed in the simulation, but when an agent of a group decides to help another agent (out of the group) that line appears because the agent moves far from its group to help another one.

​Prototype - impact: CV
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